Excellent breeding of an outstanding foal, that get recognition alone with his pedigree, that with a correct confirmation and pleasing mind establish all prerequisites for a successful sport horse - this is the target FROZEN PARTNERS helps the breeder to achieve. It doesn’t matter if the horse to breed is ridden later on by the owner or trainer, or the breeder wants to have the fun for himself or want to sell it, FROZEN PARTNERS advise by the selection of the stallion, and inform about the latest experiences or scientific evidences on the breeding with frozen semen purpose.


FROZEN PARTNERS do not only sell, the fulfilled service and honest consultation are always on top. 


Breeding with frozen semen has, due to lower semen mobility because of the technical producing process and the following thawing process, a much higher risk of no-pregnancy, as to breed with fresh semen.


Therefore Frozen Partners take high attention on the quality of the frozen semen. First check is on proven pregnancies and second on the quality of at least 30% of motility sperms after thawing out of the starting quality of 800 Mio sperms per dose. This will be checked by computer aided microscopes. Nonetheless the risk is not so much on the semen side than on the mare management part. The veterinary must choose the best timing by inseminating; only then the chance is give to get the mare in foal. 


Frozen Partners has achieved a fluctuating conception rate of 50% throughout the last years, based on different stallions, broodmares and veterinary.


Broodmare management is of great importance, when talking about breeding with frozen semen. Try to avoid unproven, unapproved or hereditarily unsound mares. Only the best are good enough. Careful breeding of the right mares using frozen semen from performance and production tested stallions will improve the quality of sport horses and contribute to the progress of whichever breed registry the offspring enters.

Here some advices from experiences of different breeders and breeding stations.


Checklist for assortment and preparation of broodmares:

  1. Breeding history (number of pregnancies, number of foals, keeping rate, aborts) 
  2. Statistics of mare cycles and inseminations (preferably written report, number of follicles, specification of ovaries, other important details) 
  3. Observation of the mare in heat (length, duration, rhythm) 
  4. History of usage of hormones 
  5. Basical vetenerian check (uterus, ovaries) 
  6. Uterine biopsy in cases of mares out of standard or already older 
  7. Swab sample, also of maiden mares and/or mares with foals and after every unsuccessful insemination. 
  8. Insemination during the foal cycle is contentious, definitely not recommendable, when problems after foaling have occurred. 
  9. Continuous ultrasonic examination of follicle growths, a written statistic is helpful for determining ovulation. 
  10. Natural stimulation is still favoured in spite of all pharmaceutical and technical advances. 
  11. When pregnancy is confirmed, the application of Altrogenest could be supporting the pregnancy. Be aware, that testifying is mandatory for sport horses performing in shows. 
  12. Choose the right vetenerian (experience with Quarter Horses, frozen semen, sufficient technical equipment, boarding conditions, success rate?) 

Target of breeding with frozen semen should be an exceptional foal. There is nothing you can do about the semen conditions of the stallion of your choice, but you can influence the basic requirements of your mare’s environment.

Do not think in extremes; just provide everything she is used to. Do not start breeding too early in the year, although many mares already are in heat, but weather conditions often inhibit a pregnancy. When follicle growth is not “normal”, simply skip a cycle.

Choosing the breeding station or veterinarian:
FROZEN PARTNERS leave you totally free to choose your vet for the breeding. We are available to help and give advises. If you have any question simply call us. We always give our best to help you.