FROZEN PARTNERS is a service-orientated agent for the promotion of studs in Europe. This covers the sourcing and delivering of frozen semen of US studs or European studs, who are still carrying on with the sport.


This wide selection is not by accident. Target for FROZEN PARTNERS is to offer a wide range of different bloodlines and different price areas. The breeder can choose from the high price top stud to the inexpensive but promising young stallion. On the choice by proofed bloodline on the sire side there is recognition on different mare lines too. This all makes it possible to recommend nearly for every broodmare the best cross and also mostly FROZEN PARTNERS can suggest more than one stallion.


Since years FROZEN PARTNERS is taking care of all services around breeding up to the transfer of the semen from a EU breeding station to the veterinarian of the individual breeders.


For the breeders FROZEN PARTNERS offers the contacts and the purchasing of breeding. Buying more than one breeding brings advantage in the organisation and shipping of the semen and the breeder is directly participating. 

The breeder knows in advance very sure the cost over all. 

Obviously FROZEN PARTNERS takes care for all payments and contracts or reports to the stallion owner abroad.