The cost for a breeding are composed:


• Breeding fee
• Booking fee (for processing the breeding)
• Frozen-semen fee (for production of frozen semen)


Frozen Partners show this amount in one price. In the breeding contract the single amounts are shown, special the amounts for booking and frozen-semen that are non-refundable, if the breeding should not come in effect.


Beside that the storage station will charge the breeder for the vet/export papers and shipping of the semen from the storage station to their veterinary. This can be different from country to country.


The breeding fee is mostly to pay in US Dollar. If you want to pay in Euro you can do that to an exchange rate Frozen Partners will announce at the beginning of the breeding year. The payment should be transferred to an account of Frozen Partners in Germany. Breeding fee and handling fee is to be paid before the semen would be delivered.